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boating holidays with England Afloat


Green Holidays

The Waterways of England provide one of the most relaxing and rewarding holidays around and they are also one of the 'greenest'. Starting the moment you board your floating home, a holiday cruising through some of the country's most breathtaking scenery, working the locks or sitting back with a glass of wine won't 'cost' the earth.

In fact your boating holiday is estimated to be some 20 times better for the planet than spending two hours flying for a holiday overseas.
(Based on flying a family of four to an average European location compared to a family of four taking an average hire boat holiday.)

boating holidays with England Afloat

But more than that, you're looking at ABC Boat Hire boating vacations in England. Not only do we care about the time you enjoy on the boat, we are also interested in the wellbeing of the waterways environment and other precious wildlife that will help to make your holiday so special. That's why, in addition to a number of initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment, at no cost to you, a percentage of our profits go into "The Waterways Trust Green Fund".

The Waterways Trust ( is a registered charity which works to promote and protect Britain 's waterways. The Green Fund will be used by the Trust to invest in low carbon technologies and other environmental projects such as creating new habitats. These projects will help mitigate the carbon emissions and environmental impact of managing the waterways.

Green Donation.......
In addition, if you wish, you can further reduce the impact of your holiday on the environment by off setting your own travel to and from the boat with a voluntary donation through us to the same fund. We suggest £5.00 per car, all of which will go directly to "The Waterways Trust Green Fund" which you can indicate on the booking form.

In supporting this we are both being environmentally responsible in a way that directly benefits the waterways upon which your boating holiday has been taken, and which will help sustain and improve them for future enjoyment.

We are sure you will enjoy one of our Greener Holidays.

Sustaining the environment

green boating holidays in EnglandA boating vacation on the UK canals and rivers is the perfect way to explore the beautiful countryside of England , Wales & Scotland . Enjoyment of the holiday depends upon the sustainability of the canals, the towpaths and the countryside itself.

Your boating vacation is a very low carbon holiday.

At England Afloat we are proud to provide a holiday which has minimal impact on the environment. We consider all aspects of our operations and are undergoing a process of environmental impact minimisation throughout the organisation, wherever feasible.

We undertake a number of environmentally friendly activities which include :

  • All holiday documents and information are available here on the website electronically. The information booklets that are sent out with holiday confirmation documents are recycled (you will be invited to return the booklets to the marinas at the start of your holiday).
  • Boats are fitted with long life oil filters requiring only one oil change each year, reducing waste oil quantities.
  • Eco hulls on boats, limiting wash that erodes banks and increasing fuel efficiency.
  • Efficient modern diesel engines.
  • Plentiful supply of hot water produced as a by-product from the cooling system of the engine.
  • Boats provided with Ecover washing up liquid and our cleaners use a Diversy Leaver cleaning system. These reduce packaging waste and are completely and immediately biodegradable which has minimum effect on aquatic life.

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